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Resins, processing
ABS ABS/Nylon Alloy ABS/Polycarbonate Alloy ABS/PVC Alloy Acetal Acrylic/PC Alloy Acrylic/PVC Alloy Acrylics AES Terpolymer ASA Copolymers and Alloys Bioplastics, polymers from renewable resources
Butadiene Styrene Cellulose Acetate Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Cellulose Acetate Propionate Acrylonitrile Copolymers Acrylic Copolymers DAIP (Diallyl Isophthalate) DAP (Diallyl Phthalate) DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) Resin Thermoplastic Elastomers
EPS Bead (Including Copolymers) Epoxy Formulated Systems and Compounds Epoxy Resins Cyanate Esters Stirene Maleic Anhydrid, SMA, Copolymer Stirene Copolymers, other Ethyl Cellulose Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) Ethylene Copolymers & Alloys, other Phenolic Fluoropolymers Ionomer Melamine Melamine/Phenolic Nylon, Amorphous Nylon, Diverse Types Nylon/Polypropilen, Alloys Polyalomer Polyamide, Aromatic Polyamide-Imide Polyarileter Polyaryletherketone Polybutadiene Polybutylene Polycarbonate Polycarbonate/Polyester Alloy Polyketones (PEEK, PEK and other) Polystyrene Polyetherimide Polyethersulfone Reticulated Polyethylene Polyethilene Resins
Polyfenil Sulfid Polyphenylsulfone Polyftalamyd Polyimide Resins and Compounds Polyimide (Thermoplastic) Polymetilpenteno Expandable Polyolefin Bead Polypropylene (Including Copolymers) Polyestercarbonate Polyesters
Polysulfone Liquid Crystal Polymers PTFE PVC Resins
Chlorinated PVC (CPVC) Flexible PVC Compounds PVDC Extrusion, Molding Grades PVDC Coating Grades Phenylene Ether/Oxide (PPO/PPE) Based Resin Rotomolding Resins SAN Silicone Vulcanized Thermoplastics Thermoplastic Urethane, Non-Elastomeric Urethane Chemicals Vinyl Ester, Resins and Molding Compounds

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