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Digitalization in film production: from data to value

Dr.-Ing. Laura Flórez, Editor-in-Chief, Tecnología del Plástico

The implementation of 4.0 tools in blown film converting enables substantial savings and improvements in production quality.

Mauricio Muñoz, Plastilene

Today, thanks to the process control and automation work that the group has been doing for more than a decade, Mauricio can receive alarms on his cell phone. "Today I can see which machine has stopped and why, and I can enter from my computer to check with the technician what the solution is". And even for a company that already has many 4.0 production principles, the Ruby system brings an evolution by integrating more information. "With Ruby, I can check what the actual material balance is and compare it to the forecast; or I can give my customer a quality report and identify where the problems are. I can warn him in which footage there is a defect, which may be acceptable, but I can tell him precisely in which meter of production he will find it". This information not only saves inspection costs substantially but also strengthens the relationship with customers.

Although Mauricio identifies that for some companies the price of acquiring the solution can be a challenge, Plastilene Group, after careful analysis, has opted for the purchase. "We have been counting with online information for more than ten years, and we know that having minute-to-minute control means dollars per hour," he says.


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