Asian wave in the Mexican plastics industry: perspectives from Plastimagen 2023

Asian wave in the Mexican plastics industry: perspectives from Plastimagen 2023

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Discover how Mexico is becoming a magnet for Asian suppliers in the plastics industry, transforming the economic narrative in the region.

On the plastics industry scene, Mexico has emerged strongly, consolidating its position as a crucial player on the global stage. The economic resilience and robustness of the sector in this Latin American country have been remarkable, catapulting Mexico to the forefront of plastics production and demand. This sustained growth has not gone unnoticed by foreign suppliers, particularly those from Asia, who are now directing their strategies towards this strategic market.

In this context, Plastimagen 2023 has acted as an epicenter where aspirations and innovation converge. Taiwanese companies such as Plasco, HCI, YEI and Polystar have deployed their cutting-edge technologies and machinery in a clear recognition of the leadership position that Mexico has acquired in the plastics industry.

Beyond the search for commercial opportunities, this trend reflects a new era of global collaboration, where the quality, sustainability and adaptability of Asian machinery have become essential in the revival and sustainable growth of the plastics industry in Mexico. Through the eyes of these brands, we will explore how this Asian tide is redefining standards and expectations in the plastics industry, forging a new narrative in an ever-changing economic horizon.

Plasco: supplying from Taiwan to Mexico

In response to the growing Latin American market and the consequent demand for machinery that the region will have, Taiwanese company Plasco has stood out as a benchmark in high-performance machines.

Tony Wang, the company's representative at Plastimagen 2023, shared valuable insights during an exclusive interview in which he pointed out, mainly, the evolution of the sector and the reasons why Taiwan has set its sights on the Mexican market.

Speaking from a geopolitical perspective, Wang highlights that the tension between the United States and China has boosted the expansion of Taiwanese production, which is why the participation of companies from this continent is very noticeable in international events such as Plastimagen. Likewise, in proportion to the demand for machinery, Tony pointed out that the demand in terms of quality has also grown. In this scenario, companies are challenged to continuously improve in order to remain competitive.

This is why Plasco has intensified its efforts in terms of automation, in order to improve operational efficiency and respond to a market in search of advanced technologies and more autonomous processes.

plasco en plastimagen

HCI: the resurgence of the Mexican industry

HCI, another Taiwanese firm, finds fertile ground for growth in Mexico. Anita Yu, HCI's area manager for Mexico and Latin America, shared her optimism in an exclusive interview.

Regarding this Asian wave, Anita Yu mentions that despite the post-pandemic economic challenges, there is a resurgence of the Mexican industry and this is what has attracted the attention of foreign suppliers. A clear example of this is the installation of Tesla's mega-plant, which is a catalyst that shows that Mexico continues to be a potentially lucrative market for Asian companies looking to expand.


YEI: Taiwanese technology tailored for Mexico

YEI, with six decades of experience, has made its mark at Plastimagen 2023 by presenting customized machinery. This year, in addition to its cutting-edge technology for extrusion processes, it unveiled its line of recycler pelletizers, machinery that responds to current demands in terms of sustainability and circular economy.

Eugenio De la Mora, YEI's representative in Mexico, highlighted the adaptability of Taiwanese technology to the specific needs of the Mexican market. He also revealed that the company is looking beyond Mexican borders, with a strategic focus on the African and U.S. markets.

yei en plastimagen

Polystar: sustainability and quality for the Mexican market

Polystar, a company with a long history in the Mexican market, presented at Plastimagen 2023 its innovative two-station recycler, designed to address the challenges associated with highly printed and post-consumer materials.

Maria Lopez, Polystar's representative, shared with us in an exclusive interview her perspective on the growing trend of recycling post-consumer materials. While it is true that on the other side of the world the progress in terms of recyclability is much greater than in Latin America, Polystar is more than clear that its machinery will have a positive impact on the Mexican community.

This, taking into account that the innovation presented at the fair, not only responds to an approach that emphasizes the need to close the life cycle of the material, but also to the search to reduce production costs.

In fact, following this same intention, Lopez points out that the total integration of the process, from the pre-production stage to post-production and recycling, has become a strategy adopted by manufacturers seeking to maintain the quality of the material and reduce dependence on third parties. For this reason, many companies already have their own recycling machines in their plants, which translates into a very profitable market for companies such as Polystar.

This is how Polystar, with its technological approach and customization capacity to adapt to the needs of customers, stands as a leader in the search for comprehensive and sustainable solutions for today's recycling challenges; an approach that is currently a mainstay in the plastics industry globally.



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